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Edgardo Spano

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Planning your wedding menu can be a tough job. With so many tastes to consider and so many delicious foods available, how is it possible to nail down just a few delicious dishes? Keep a few of these quick tips in mind and you’ll be planning your wedding menu in no time.

1. Start Early

Like choosing a venue, it’s best to start looking for a great caterer right away and it’s essential to start planning your wedding menu early. The best caterers can get booked well in advance so be sure to schedule this well ahead of time to avoid being disappointed.

2. What’s Important to You?   

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you and your fiancé are by incorporating your own favourite dishes or family traditions. Be sure to share what makes you both happy, but remember, you’re still hosting and you’ll want your guests to enjoy the food as well. Crowd pleasers can still be tasty!

3. Set a Budget

Pick a budget that you’re comfortable with before you even look at the food options. Little touches can add up quickly and by setting a realistic bar on how much you can actually spend, you’ll avoid disappointment (or shock) later when prices are determined.

4. Select Service Style  

The way food is served is a huge factor to consider when planning your wedding menu and is directly related to the number of guests you expect to attend. Where a plated, coursed dinner may be beautiful and elegant for a smaller group, it could get too complicated for a larger guest crowd and this is where family or buffet style may be better suited.

5. Theme

A theme will create a cohesive flow of food when planning your wedding menu, which is especially needed if your tastes are varied. Not only will it help the flavours of the food blend together, but it will also indicate how the food should be presented to your guests.

6. Seasonal

It’s a fact: food that’s in season will be fresher and taste better than food being shipped from afar. Try to incorporate seasonal ingredients that are local and preferably organic for the best taste. Not only will it look and taste better, but it will be a great talking point for your guests as well.

7. Dietary Restrictions

From vegan to gluten free, the list of dietary restrictions, intolerances, or allergies is growing fast. Have some tasty options available that everyone can enjoy. Work with your caterer in advance to save time and hassle on the day of.

8. Create a Timeline     

Just like the rest of the day, you’ll want to determine the timeline for your meal, which can vary significantly depending on your expectations. If fine dining and the meal portion is the highlight, consider a longer, plated service. If socializing takes the cake, opt for a lengthier cocktail reception with heartier hors d’oeuvres or food stations to keep guests mingling.

9. Keep it Simple                                              

Adding too many choices while planning your wedding menu can become overwhelming. It’s best to create a well-rounded and streamlined menu that makes sense from beginning to end.

10. Add Your Personal Touch            

Choose a caterer that cares just as much about how the food is presented as how it tastes. Work together to incorporate your theme and add in personal touches such as a signature cocktail, a late night snack or your favourite colours displayed throughout the food or place settings. A little flare goes a long way and will keep friends and family talking about your big day for years to come.

11. Enjoy!                             

Planning your wedding menu can be a stressful and time consuming process, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Enjoy your menu tastings and take time to think about the delicious feast you have to look forward to. It’ll all be worth it!

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Edgardo Spano

Ed has always been drawn to taking on challenges and basks in the opportunity to be creative and visionary. From its inception, Ed has been a part of Seventh Heaven Event Catering. On paper, he oversees all the marketing, social media and sales of the business and is a Senior Catering Consultant for larger events, but what he does is so much more than that. Ed is the mastermind behind bringing together flawless presentations under tight deadlines. His motto is, “Anything is possible!” and he loves to be the one to make it happen at each new event. With the keenest eye for detail, Ed specializes in ensuring that each aspect is considered in every unique layout while bringing each one to life. He prides himself on being at the forefront of innovations for creative food presentation and is responsible for keeping Seventh Heaven on the cutting edge. For Ed, the best part of his job is a satisfied client, making them look good at their event and properly representing them to their clients. If Seventh Heaven can elevate their clients’ social or corporate presence in the market, he considers it a job well done.
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