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Paul Spano

The last quarter of the year is often a busy time when it comes to corporate events. You may have a sales conference or a new product launch to organize. You may have an annual meeting, and there’s always the corporate holiday party to think about as well. In short, you’ll be planning many events over the next few months.

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How do you plan events successfully?

Often, it takes months of planning to truly host a successful event. You’ll walk through the steps from deciding on the date, to setting the budget, to picking a venue and designing a menu for your event.

If you really want to wow your guests, however, you’ll also want to keep an eye on corporate event trends. Why do the same old thing year after year? Trends allow you to mix things up for your guests, and they can also help your events feel like they belong in the year 2018.

Whether you have one or several corporate events left for 2018, take a look at some of the hottest trends of the year. You might just find inspiration for your next event.

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality Become Mainstream in Corporate Event Trends

Augmented reality and virtual reality have become very popular over the last few years, but event planners are just now beginning to incorporate these technologies. One major factor has been the price, which has decreased drastically in the last two years.

AR and VR are being used to involve attendees in new and creative ways. These technologies create an immersive experience for your guests. They aren’t appropriate for every event, but they’re still one of the biggest corporate event trends for the year.

2. Virtual Attendance Is Trending

Another hot trend in 2018 has been the rise of virtual attendance. This changes the game for major conferences and similar events. Your employees can attend your sales conference from anywhere in the world.

Until recently, virtual attendees were usually on the fringes of event organizers’ awareness. That’s changing in 2018, as more people recognize the power of virtual attendance. Again, this isn’t necessarily the right option for, say, the corporate holiday party, but it is an option.

3. Corporate Trendsetters Make Bold Statements with Unique Venues

Perhaps most noticeable among corporate event trends this year has been the tendency for event planners to make bold and memorable statements by booking unique venues. The space itself can influence your attendees’ perception of the event, so why not utilize that to send a message?

No matter what you want your attendees to see, hear, or feel when they set foot in the venue, you can achieve it. The GTA is full of unique venues. Do some research and find one that aligns with your message or purpose.

4. Get Inspired by the Locale

If your event travels around, one thing you can do is infuse your event with the locale. If you’re hosting an event in Halifax, for example, embrace the strong tradition of seafood dishes. In Alberta, you might opt for steak, while Toronto could present you with a mishmash of world flavours.

Work with your caterer to craft a custom menu for your event. Ask them about what’s local, what’s in season, and if there are any local traditions. This can give your event a unique spin.

5. Making It Sustainable

Over the last few years, one of the most enduring corporate event trends has been an interest in sustainability. That focus is still present in 2018, as more event planners opt for sustainable options, such as locally sourced foods or creating a paperless conference.

These trends might fit your corporate event well. The best part of these corporate event trends is they put your attendees front and center. Incorporate them, and you’ll be well on your way to planning a great event.


Paul Spano

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Paul was the driving force that brought Seventh Heaven together back in 2001. Having started his career in the kitchen, Paul’s passion and thirst for knowledge helped him move quickly through the ranks. He is now Seventh Heaven’s Senior Sales Consultant, Event Planner, and Director of Venue Development. Managing different venues that seat 750 to 1800 guests, Paul brings exceptional operational skills to his role. No matter what you envision or what your dreams and desires are, Paul makes them a reality by getting it done. According to Paul, there is no greater joy than surpassing all of your clients’ and guests’ expectations. His expertise and passion make him one of the pillars of Seventh Heaven.
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