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Paul Spano

Ferns are slowly becoming the belle of the ball. There are so many varieties and styles available to satisfy any taste. If you like the plant but you aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five wedding decor ideas that use ferns.

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1. Potted Plants

Ferns in potted plants: they’re a wedding decoration that’s easy to incorporate anywhere. Fill planters of different shapes and sizes, placing them around signs, along tables, and other areas of the venue for a rustic, chic vibe. 

Use them as table runners for a new twist to a standard wedding table. Have them run the length of the table, intertwining between favours and candy stations to give off a simple yet elegant touch. Tiny ferns in small pots can act as name cardholders for guests to retrieve on their way in.

2. With Cake

Ferns and food go together. Whether it’s hand-painted onto the cake or the plant itself, spruce up an otherwise simplistic cake and tie it into the overall theme in a way that’s fresh and unexpected. A cake with ferns as decoration complements any wedding reception. 

It doesn’t have to just be ferns, incorporate plenty of other things such as blooms, seasonal fruit, and cinnamon sticks. It could be whimsical woodland with berries and leaves. For a glamorous tone that contrasts the usual earthy vibe, consider pairing ferns with thistle in a gold outline. 

Wrap fern leaves over corners of a rectangular cake to embellish an otherwise simple design. Ferns act as the perfect garnish and finishing touch to any wedding cake. They add a dreamy display that’s equal parts simplistic, elegant, and organic.

3. Backdrop

The minimalist effect extends to the walls, ceilings, and backdrop of the venue. Ferns don’t have to be the loudest wedding decoration, let them add a quiet touch. Add them as pieces along a blank canvas wall for a calming effect.

Organic wedding decor ideas blend into the venue while still adding a subtle pop of colour. String ferns along chair aisles as guests turn in to sit for the ceremony. Place them to hang from chandeliers. These plants add a bit of greenery in an otherwise industrial space.

These background touches add that extra something to the overall scene without being overwhelming or looking out of place. With so many different ferns available, you can incorporate any particular style—or a combination of both, into the décor.

4. Centerpieces

Table different arrangements to make ferns the star of the show. Use them alone in high vases, incorporating different ferns together. They can even act as a floral accent. Place them around groups of flowers to add texture and round out the scene, even mixing them with other succulents.

Pair them with white flowers for a summery bouquet, or opt for a woodsy bouquet that fits into the upcoming fall season. Arrange them potted in long rectangular boxes and placed as decoration on food or favour tables. Even place them alongside candles for a romantic ambiance.

5. Stationery

One of the easiest ways to add a subtle, earthy touch to the wedding is to include ferns on the wedding stationery. If you don’t want to use the actual plant, use it on motifs, stencils, and drawings.

It can be outlined along invitations, stenciled onto the name cards for guests. Signs directing guests to the reception or dessert table can incorporate the plant as a drawing. This little bit of green is a fresh idea.

Wedding decor ideas extend to every part of the wedding, and that includes the invitations, name cards, and other signs. From greenery to rustic chic, fern emblems add simple yet elegant vibe.

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Paul Spano

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