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Paul Spano

Most weddings happen in the summer, which is why the months from May to September are often designated as wedding season. The summer months book up quickly, however, and prices are often inflated during this time. You might have been considering a winter wedding, but you’re just not sure.

There are many good reasons to consider having your wedding in the winter, but it’s definitely not for everyone. While pricing can be a big draw, there are a few other signs you should pay attention to when deciding if a winter date would be the best bet for you.

1. You Love the Look of a Winter Wedding

Perhaps the biggest indicator a winter wedding is for you is that you love the look of a wintry marriage ceremony and wedding photos. Maybe you’ve seen some brides dressed up in faux fur capes or maybe you prefer long-sleeved dresses.

Colour palettes also change for the winter months, with deeper, richer colours like reds and navies being preferred. Outdoor photos can also be quite magical, especially if there’s snow.

2. It Fits Your Budget or Timeline Better

Two more good reasons to consider winter weddings have to do with budgeting and time. As already mentioned, winter weddings often cost somewhat less than summer weddings. During the summer, prices are at a premium because everyone is vying to book the same venues and service providers for the same weekend.

That demand dies off a bit during the winter, since there are fewer weddings being held. January is an especially slow month for most service providers and venues, as the holidays are over.

You may also find a winter date fits your timeline better.

3. The Winter Means More to You

Did you meet for the first time in the winter? Maybe both of you love the holidays. You both might love skiing or snowboarding. In any case, winter is a special time of year for you, with significant meaning.

Picking a wedding date in the winter can absolutely be the best choice in this scenario. It’s the time of year that means the most to you, and you can make your winter nuptials reflect who you are as a couple more easily than you can a summer wedding.

4. Your Guests Will Appreciate the Break

The summer season can be so chock full of events, people get sick of them. This is especially true if all of your friends are in the same age bracket. You may even be tired of weddings yourself.

In the wintertime, unless you’re booking right around the holidays, you may find your guests are much more ready for a party to break up the monotony of the season. A winter wedding can be much more pleasant for that reason.

5. Everything You Want to Book Is Available

Another great reason to consider hosting your wedding in the winter is availability. You’re the person who has picked their dream venue, selected their caterer, and even picked the photographer before you even set a date.

When you finally pick the date in the summer, you might find you’ll need to go with a different venue, a different caterer, and even a different photographer. If nothing is coming together, you might want to consider swapping the date.

Availability is usually much better during the winter months, so chances are you’ll be able to book everyone and everything just as you like, no matter what date you pick.

A winter wedding could be the right choice for you for many different reasons. If you’re wondering about a winter date for your wedding, talk to the experts. They can help you plan a magical winter wonderland celebration for your big day.

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Paul Spano

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Paul was the driving force that brought Seventh Heaven together back in 2001. Having started his career in the kitchen, Paul’s passion and thirst for knowledge helped him move quickly through the ranks. He is now Seventh Heaven’s Senior Sales Consultant, Event Planner, and Director of Venue Development. Managing different venues that seat 750 to 1800 guests, Paul brings exceptional operational skills to his role. No matter what you envision or what your dreams and desires are, Paul makes them a reality by getting it done. According to Paul, there is no greater joy than surpassing all of your clients’ and guests’ expectations. His expertise and passion make him one of the pillars of Seventh Heaven.
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