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Edgardo Spano

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The standard wedding ceremony has a lot of time-honoured traditions—the guests pick a side to sit on, everyone walks down the aisle, standard vows are exchanged and the happy couple says I do.

This cookie cutter ceremony format may not work for everyone, and you might want to add a bit more personality to your wedding ceremony. There are tons of ways to make your ceremony more unique and representative of you both, but sometimes thinking of unique ideas can be a challenge. 

Today we’re doing the hard work for you, so if you want your special day to be anything but ordinary, here are six unique wedding ceremony ideas you might want to consider.

1. Have a Ring Warming

A ring warming is actually an old Irish wedding tradition that is getting new life as modern couples look for unique ways to personalize their ceremony.

A ring warming ceremony typically goes like this: near the beginning of your ceremony, your officiator informs the guests that the rings will be passed around in a little bag. As the rings are passed to each person, they may ‘warm them’ or bless them with a prayer or well wishes for your marriage and future together. 

After this is completed, they are returned to the officiator to use in the exchange of vows.

2. Involve Your Loved Ones

Weddings are all about love, family, and the union of two people so a great ceremony idea is to involve your loved ones in the process. Not just groomsmen or bridesmaids; you could actually have a friend or loved one marry you as your celebrant.

Or, just provide guests the opportunity to contribute to the ceremony with their own expressions of love, be it a poem, song, or a reading. Making your ceremony a community event is a unique way to personalize your day.

3. Choose a Unique Location

When we think of unique wedding ceremony ideas, your ceremony location can have a big impact on the overall feel of your day. 

While religious couples may want to stick to a church ceremony, others might choose a more unique location that has significant meaning to their relationship.

Interesting ideas include the restaurant in which you had your first date, your favourite park, a nearby beach, or even the property of a friend or relative.

4. Switch Up the Seating

Most of the time, the seating for a wedding ceremony is set up the same way, with horizontal rows of chairs set up with the aisle running through the middle.

A great wedding ceremony idea to shake things up is to switch up your seating and break away from this traditional style. You can do this by setting your guests in a circle around you or even by changing up what they sit on. Hay bales, ottomans, and cushions all make interesting and visually appealing seating options, depending on the theme of your wedding.

5. Carry Something Other Than Flowers

Traditionally the bridesmaids all carry flowers with them down the aisle, but while flowers are beautiful, they aren’t always meaningful for everyone.

A unique ceremony idea is to have your bridesmaids carry something other than flowers down the aisle, something a little more meaningful. They could each carry their favourite book, lanterns that can later decorate the reception, or something that’s tied in with your wedding theme.

6. Have Your Shoes Signed

The last of our unique wedding ceremony ideas is a fun one for the girls. Before you take that walk down the aisle, have all your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes.

Wear them as normal for the rest of the night and the tradition states that the last name remaining after the whole day is over will be the next one to get married.

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Edgardo Spano

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