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Edgardo Spano

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When planning your wedding it can be difficult to decide on wedding favour ideas that will represent you as a couple and be useful for your guests.

While some couples are choosing to save a bit of money and forgo wedding favours all together to invest in other things like the perfect venue or unique catering options, they can still be a nice way to show your appreciation to your guests, especially when they have a practical element that your guests will actually use.

Some of the most practical favours these days have an environmental twist, so if you’re the type of people who love to support local producers and respect our environment, here are six wedding favour ideas for the eco-conscious couple.

1. Local Honey

When it comes to great wedding favour ideas, sometimes you only have to look as far as your own backyard. Giving your guests locally produced items like honey or unique spreads and condiments is a great way to support local businesses and thank your guests for coming.

Giving locally produced honey supports both local businesses and the environment since bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and play a crucial role in the pollination of our crops and foods.

2. Potted Plants

What’s more practical, beautiful, and environmentally friendly than showing your appreciation by gifting guests with a potted plant? 

This is an especially thoughtful wedding favour idea for a spring wedding since your guests will be able to plant them right away. Then they can watch it bloom all summer long to remind them of the wonderful time they had celebrating on your special day. 

3. Tree Seedlings

What’s more thoughtful than giving your guests a wedding favour that will last for years and years to come?

Tiny tree seedlings can be ordered from several suppliers and come ready for your guests to plant in their own backyards. The upside is that you’ll be contributing many new trees to the earth, which will help produce clean oxygen and consume CO2 emissions.

4. Handmade Soap

There’s a growing trend surrounding all-natural and DIY personal care products, so why not consider some wedding favour ideas that reflect this green-clean trend.

Handmade soap can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your guests and it’s something that they are sure to use. You can support a local business and purchase soaps from a producer near you, or get really creative and try making your own homemade soaps using romantic scents like rosewater and lavender.

5. Herb Seeds

So many people plant herb gardens each spring, so give your guests a head start by giving packets of herb seeds as your wedding favours.

You can provide an assortment of seed varieties and guests can choose the type they love the most, or place the packets at random on your table settings and let your guests have fun trading each other for their favourites.

If you want to dress this favour up a little more, you can turn it into an herb starter kit by packaging a little pot, a peat pellet, and a package of seeds together and tie it with a ribbon or gift label with your wedding date.

6. Reusable Shopping Bag

The last of our eco-conscious wedding favour ideas is one of our favourites. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times, and one of the worst culprits is plastic bags.

Do some good for the earth and provide your guests with reusable shopping bags they can use again and again, saving potentially hundreds of plastic bags in the future. You can even personalize your tote bags with a cute graphic or your wedding date. Every time they use them your guests will remember the fun they had at your wedding.

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Edgardo Spano

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