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Paul Spano

A great wedding offers a reflection of who you are as a couple. For some people, a fairytale wedding is the right call, while others prefer something ultra-modern. Some people opt for a themed wedding, and others answer to the siren call of the country with a barn wedding.

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The Bohemian aesthetic, or boho-chic as it’s sometimes called, is another popular choice for couples. The Bohemian vibe plays to your free-spirited side, allowing you to mismatch your patterns and fill your wedding venue with eclectic trinkets.

“How do I plan a Bohemian wedding?” might be the question you’re asking yourself.

While you’ll want to consider your venue, your attire, and even your menu, the décor will play a big role in ensuring your big day has the right boho feel. These seven décor ideas, from macramé to a welcoming tent, will help you achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for.

1. Try Macramé for Your Wedding Décor

Macramé, a form of textile produced from knotting rather than weaving or knitting, is quintessentially Bohemian. Try adding it to your wedding in order to achieve the boho-chic atmosphere you desire.

You can use macramé for almost anything, from tablecloths to doilies to your own attire. The best part is you can keep them for home décor later.

2. Mix up Your Florals

The Bohemian aesthetic is all about free-spirited playfulness. Nothing needs to match, so why should the flowers in every arrangement be exactly the same? Think about mixing up the flowers in the boutonnières and bouquets of the bridal party. What about choosing flowers to match each member’s personality?

You could also use a similar approach when it comes to your centrepieces. Once you’ve decided on seating arrangements, you could create custom centrepieces that reflect the people who will be sitting at that table.

Adding flowers to chairs along the aisle or to other unexpected places is also a great idea. You may want to hang flowers from the ceiling, or create custom centrepieces using local wildflowers.

3. Trinkets Add a Dash of Whimsy

The Bohemian aesthetic is often eclectic, but it’s also whimsical. That’s why it’s so delightful. Trinkets are the hallmark of this whimsy, so feel free to decorate with even the strangest or most mismatched of trinkets. Some people opt for a travel theme, which ties into the nomadic roots that inform Bohemian style.

4. Watercolours and Wooden Signs

While wood is often associated with country weddings and more rustic themes, a wooden sign can be an excellent option for your boho wedding as well. Try welcome signs, menus, and other signage on boards instead of paper.

For place names and invites, think about a splash of watercolour. You can opt to buy them or make them a DIY project.

5. Aim for a Free-Spirited Cake

The cake isn’t exactly a piece of décor, but it is an eye-catching centrepiece for your wedding. Ensure it reflects the boho-chic vibes by selecting a cake with whimsical flower placement or a geode pattern.

6. Mismatched Everything

Everything from chairs to your silverware can become part of the Bohemian wedding theme. Don’t have enough of one set of silverware? Don’t worry. Mismatched flatware and dinnerware are a perfect reflection of that free-spiritedness you want to capture.

Chairs, tablecloths, and more can all easily be mismatched for a boho-chic aesthetic.

7. The Welcome Tent

If your ceremony will be held outside, start by welcoming your guests in a cozy tent. A wedding arch or other outdoor accessories and temporary constructions can be designed to suit your whimsy. They can also double as great photo backdrops for your guests.

There are so many ways to bring the Bohemian to your wedding. Let these ideas help you get started, and talk to your caterer and wedding planner for more.

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Paul Spano

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