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Paul Spano

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Planning a baby shower but not sure where to start? For a memorable day, consider these seven event planning ideas. The mom-to-be and all her guests will be surprised and delighted by these adorable details.

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1. Lettered Balloons

Traditional balloons are no longer the main attraction. Lettered balloons make for a fun display that can spell out related words to match the day. Spell “baby” using balloon colours that match the shower theme, or choose balloons in classic metallic shades, such as silver or gold. Balance out the word by arranging small round balloons on either side to complete the decoration.

2. New Baby Games

Test everyone’s knowledge and friendship with baby games that unleash some friendly competition. Bring everyone together for an interactive experience. The organizer can plan ahead of time and ask guests to bring in their own baby pictures. Pin them to a board and have your friends guess whose baby photo belongs to each guest. 

A popular—and secretly competitive—game is “Don’t Say Baby.” Give each guest a clothespin upon arrival and let them know that if they say the word “baby,” they’ll lose their pin to whoever made them say it. The guest with the most pins at the end of the party wins.

3. Little Favours

Baby shower favours are a nice way to show your guests you appreciated their presence and time for attending your party. Whether it’s mason jars filled with candy or hand-tied popcorn bags, giving friends something small to take home is a nice way to say thanks. Think about how you can tie in the favour to match the shower’s theme.

4. A Creative Theme

No shower is complete without a theme. It’s the secret of successful event planning. Choose from a nature theme, complete with tree trunk candles and pretty wooden frames, or make it a safari theme with little exotic tigers and elephants. Have a bumblebee theme, decorating the place with yellow and black flowers, yellow-frosted cupcakes, and yellow polka dot napkins.

Whatever you do, put the theme into every aspect of the party. Incorporate it into the plates and glasses, napkins, small decorations, and banners hung throughout the house or event space. The possibilities are endless.

5. A Voting Sign

Exercise your democratic right and have your guests vote on the sex of the baby. Whether you’re turning this shower into a gender reveal party or the mom-to-be is keeping it a secret, your girlfriends will love the chance to take a guess at what they think the sex is.

Using a medium-sized chalkboard, write “Vote” in big capital letters at the top of the board. Divide the board into two halves and ask guests to add an X on the side labelled “boy” or the column labelled “girl.”

6. A Baby Shower Brunch

What’s better than a baby shower brunch? Serve “mom-osas” for the mom-to-be, alongside menu items, such as fresh fruit, croissants, and jams. Event planning experts know brunch is always a nice idea: It’s earlier in the day, and it can be a lighter alternative to later-day menu options. For more ideas, see these nine catering menu ideas for your baby shower.

7. Sock Bouquets

Put a twist on the traditional flower vase. Arrange baby socks among the florals, in colours that match the shower theme or relate to the baby’s gender—if it’s already known. It’s not only fun for the shower, this clever decoration makes for a great gift.

Regardless of how you plan your baby shower, ensure you cater the food to provide hungry guests with a delicious meal.


Paul Spano

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Paul was the driving force that brought Seventh Heaven together back in 2001. Having started his career in the kitchen, Paul’s passion and thirst for knowledge helped him move quickly through the ranks. He is now Seventh Heaven’s Senior Sales Consultant, Event Planner, and Director of Venue Development. Managing different venues that seat 750 to 1800 guests, Paul brings exceptional operational skills to his role. No matter what you envision or what your dreams and desires are, Paul makes them a reality by getting it done. According to Paul, there is no greater joy than surpassing all of your clients’ and guests’ expectations. His expertise and passion make him one of the pillars of Seventh Heaven.
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