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Edgardo Spano

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Choosing an event venue is an important decision; the venue sets the atmosphere for the celebrations, and if you have a specific aesthetic in mind, the venue can be an important part of realizing that design. 

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It’s likely that you’ll view numerous venues before deciding on the one that will host your event, but your decision needs to be based on more than just your gut reaction. There are important questions to consider before making any final decisions as to an event venue.

1. What Does the Venue Provide?

There is often a disparity in the services and amenities provided by venues, based largely upon what kind of venue it is and what kind of events (if any) they are used to hosting. Some venues will only be able to provide you with the space itself, while other venues can provide everything from the tables and chairs to the table linens. Knowing what the venue is able to provide upfront can save you a lot of money in the long run and reduce the stress of planning an event. Don’t be afraid to ask what comes included in your venue fee.

2. Does It Offer Event Planning?

Many event venues offer an event coordinator to help you plan how your event will be executed in their spaces. If you’re stressed out about planning your event on your own, the help of an event coordinator can be invaluable. Coordinators have experience and training in a wide variety of areas and will be able to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. A planner that is used to the space will be able to help make your vision come to life.

3. What Is the Venue’s Back-Up Plan?

As we head into summer, when many venues offer outdoor space for either partial or full use during the event, it’s important to establish with the venue what its back-up plan is should the weather not be accommodating. Most venues that offer outdoor space will have an indoor space that can be easily utilized should the weather take a turn for the worse. If you’re looking for an outdoor venue, this question needs to be a priority. No one wants to get caught in the rain without an umbrella!

4. How Will the Logistics Unfold?

The key to success when it comes to event planning is having an organized strategy for how things will unfold on the actual day. Before booking a venue, you shouldbe provided with a step-by-step guide of how things will unfold during the event. This includes when you should arrive, what time set-up will begin, how things will proceed in terms of food and music, and any other important details.

5. Can You Serve Alcohol?

It’s no secret that most guests look forward to kicking back a few drinks when they attend a big event. While you and your guests might see alcohol playing a big part in your celebrations, not all venues are actually licensed to serve alcohol. If you choose a venue that does not have an alcohol license, there’s not much it can do to accommodate you. For this reason, knowing upfront is very important.

6. Are There On-Site Catering Facilities?

If you’re working with a catering company, its staff will need to know fairly early on whether it will have the necessary facilities at the venue to prepare and serve food. Not all venues come equipped with on-site kitchens or other catering facilities, especially those event venues that are more non-traditional. Ask the venue about how it can accommodate caterers, especially if it doesn’t have on-site facilities. This may affect your budget if the caterers need to bring in equipment for the day.

7. Does the Venue Have a Curfew?

The final question to ask the venue before making any final decisions may be critical to your festivities. While you might envision your party going all night, with guests hitting the dance floor until the early hours of the morning, many venues have an early curfew, meaning that your party might need to vacate the premises by ten or eleven in the evening. Ask the venue if a curfew is in place and if there’s any way to get around it.

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Corporate Event

Edgardo Spano

Ed has always been drawn to taking on challenges and basks in the opportunity to be creative and visionary. From its inception, Ed has been a part of Seventh Heaven Event Catering. On paper, he oversees all the marketing, social media and sales of the business and is a Senior Catering Consultant for larger events, but what he does is so much more than that. Ed is the mastermind behind bringing together flawless presentations under tight deadlines. His motto is, “Anything is possible!” and he loves to be the one to make it happen at each new event. With the keenest eye for detail, Ed specializes in ensuring that each aspect is considered in every unique layout while bringing each one to life. He prides himself on being at the forefront of innovations for creative food presentation and is responsible for keeping Seventh Heaven on the cutting edge. For Ed, the best part of his job is a satisfied client, making them look good at their event and properly representing them to their clients. If Seventh Heaven can elevate their clients’ social or corporate presence in the market, he considers it a job well done.
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