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Paul Spano

Looking for inspiration for your wedding shots? You want photos that last a lifetime, showing off your love for each other and your playful side as a couple. You’ll want to copy these wedding shot ideas. 

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Take wedding photos that stand out using these seven trendy ideas.

1. It’s All in the Details

You’ll no doubt be caught up in the big picture of the wedding day, so let the photographer zero in on the small details. Discreet shots capture intimate moments, from hand holding when no one is looking to whispered conversations between guests. 

Capture each part of the day: your wedding bands, the set tables, close-up shots of hair, dresses, and suits. These intimate photos will leave behind vivid memories of the day long after the wedding is over.

2. Drone Shots

Drones are becoming more and more commonplace as more models are introduced to the market at affordable prices. Have a drone fly over the ceremony and reception to express height and angles that add a unique perspective. It can capture innovative aerial views that a photographer can’t. 

This is a particularly great idea for an outdoor wedding. You’ll get to look back at a bird’s eye view of the dance floor, the vows, and the guests mingling throughout the day.

3. Mimic a Famed Shot

Replace celebrities with your bridal party and recreate a famous image featuring your new spouse and wedding group. The well-known “Abbey Road” reference is not only easy to copy, but it can be done almost anywhere—you just need a road. Have the bride lead the way, with the groom and full bridal party following suit. It’s a fun way to take a shot that will never go out of style.

4. Play Tug of War

Add a playful element that incorporates everyone attending the wedding. You can start with a separate shot of the bride and groom pretending to play tug of war, then add in some competition, pitting the bride and her bridesmaids against the groom and his men.

Let your guests take part and have friends and family face off against each other. It’ll unleash new group dynamics between the wedding party and close family members, wholly capturing the unexpected and entertaining moments of the special day.

5. Bring Your Furry Friends

Make your furry friend the star of the show. Couples with pets will love the opportunity to ensure their special friends are included in the big day. Highlight your pet in the image foreground while the couple becomes part of the background or take close-up photos of you and your best friend. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit, bring them along to celebrate the day with you.

6. Use Reflections

Mirror shots can be played with in multiple ways. Whether you use them to capture each other’s expressions or place them in ways that call attention to the unique angles of the dress, tuxedo, or couple, it’s an innovative concept for capturing both classic and creative photographs.

Match the mirror frames to the wedding theme. Look for elegant, antique gold-framed mirrors for a rustic reception or modern black-and-white rectangular frames for a contemporary party. Use big, small, long, and short frames—a variety of sizes to capture new angles of the happy couple.

7. The Chalkboard Connection

Highlight interesting tidbits about your friendships by having the bridesmaids and groomsmen write down how they know the couple on small chalkboards. Have the photographer surround the bride and groom in separate shots with their party behind them, ensuring the chalkboards are clearly visible. It’ll build a deeper connection between the party and leave everyone smiling.

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Paul Spano

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