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Paul Spano

Plaid might look a little too laidback for some brides and grooms, but there are actually a number of classy and creative ways to fit it into your country wedding—without feeling like you’ve down-staged the entire day. 

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Add the checkered pattern to your wedding in any of these nine ways.

1. Table Linens

This minimalist strategy makes it easy to incorporate plaid in your country wedding. Keep the table setting simple, and eliminate entire tablecloths, replacing them with a plaid table runner instead. This look is especially great for long tables where the runner can stretch from end to end. 

Set plaid napkins on the table, instead of plain crème ones, to add a kitschy yet homey vibe to the dining setting that perfectly encompasses the rustic part of the day.

2. Plates

If plaid linens are too loud for you, dress up the plates instead. Look for patterned plates with plaid circular outlines. The entire plate doesn’t have to be covered in a checkered hue, but an outline gives just enough detail to make the kitchenware look a little more exciting. 

A checkered plate against a simple table setting expertly matches your country wedding décor. Pair the plates with rustic centerpieces, such as pinecones and ferns. For more ideas, here are nine creative centerpieces to consider.

3. The Groom’s Wardrobe

A pop of plaid in the groom’s attire is both fun and brings something new to the traditional wedding suit. The groom can wear a plaid tie in a pattern that complements the suit and bridal bouquet. A pocket square or bow tie are additional swaps he can make, which add a fashionable touch to the outfit.

Whether he chooses a tie or a pocket square, the item doesn’t have to be a loud pattern. It can be soft and subtle, such as muted greens or blues. If he’s feeling really bold though, why not try a plaid suit? You can be sure it’s a game changer when compared to traditional wedding tuxedos.

4. The Bride’s Dress

If the bride’s feeling casual, she can wear a full flannel over her dress during the reception. This look gives the gown a relaxed feel. If this look is too relaxed for you though, a thin plaid belt complements the dress, which looks just as lovely without being over the top.

5. A Pair of Shoes

Share a little secret underneath your wedding dress with adorable plaid shoes. Peep-toe style is always in fashion, and it’s a cute touch that will peek out as you’re walking down the aisle.

6. Food Wrappers

There are so many delicious catering ideas for your country wedding, and it’s not hard to add checkers to the line-up. Plaid cupcake wrappers are adorable and whimsical, and they’ll spark up the dessert table display. This detail creates additional texture on a tasty treat.

7. Flowers

Fasten bouquets and boutonnieres with plaid ribbon. Leave the ribbon hanging from the bouquets for just a hint of plaid and an instant splash of colour.

8. Stationary

You don’t have to wait until the reception to add plaid into your country wedding. Set the tone of your nuptials with sleek plaid stationary. Pick envelopes with a plaid inner lining. Use a checked border around your invitations. Most people think of rustic wedding invitations including floral stencils and farm-inspired colours, but plaid is a unique design idea that mixes up the status quo.

9. Wedding Favours

Use plaid ribbon to seal packages or for cards attached to the favour. The pattern is just a hint of plaid that isn’t too showy while still ensuring a long-lasting memory of the special day. It’s a seamless, delicate way of incorporating the checkered pattern.

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Paul Spano

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