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Paul Spano

As the wedding draws near, bridesmaids aren’t the only ones with a long list of things to keep in mind for the big day—the groomsmen have their own checklist. If you’re unsure what exactly that includes, keep reading.

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Months Beforehand

From speeches to the tuxedo to the bachelor party, groomsmen should ensure all of this is set. While the bridesmaids go dress shopping, the groomsmen hunt for tuxedos. Don’t save this for the last minute and find yourself in an ill-fitting ensemble. If the tuxedo is slightly over budget, rent it instead and have it fitted at the store to ensure you look dapper on the special day. The tux is no longer limited to traditional styles either. Slim fits, peak lapels, and grey shades are a few modern options to investigate.

Does the groom need to work on those vows? While it’s a rather intimate aspect, it’s a big part of the wedding and he shouldn’t plan to wing it. Help him draft something eloquent that speaks to them as a couple. Don’t forget your own speech either. While a toast might be the best man’s duty, be prepared for an impromptu speech. Like the groom, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Get your groomsmen together to plan the last big hurrah: the bachelor party. Work with the best man to cover all aspects—from where it’ll be held to what’s planned, and the overall costs so everyone knows how much they’re spending. The groomsmen can plan a fun get-together for everyone to have a good time.

Small Details

From rehearsal dinners to personal grooming, make sure you’re ready to go. Have your beard trimmed and your hair cut—whatever you have to do to ensure you’re physically ready and looking for your best.

The rehearsal dinner is something you have to attend, so focus and listen to the wedding planner or organizer—whoever’s in charge. This will get you, and everyone else taking part, in and out much faster. From the daily itinerary to pairing the groomsmen and bridesmaids, ironing out those small details ahead of time better prepares you for the next day.

It’s Not All Left to the Bridesmaids

You might think you get off the hook as the groomsman, but that’s not the case. From knowing where to direct guests on the day and decorating the honeymoon car to tying up loose ends, you’ll help the bridesmaids finalize all of these aspects of the wedding.

Remember to book the time off, including the bachelor party, the day of the wedding, and the day after if you need it.

When it comes to simplifying the guest list, you won’t have a say, but listen in on the groom’s thoughts. He might just need someone to talk to. Make sure to buy a wedding present—even consider going in on it with another groomsman to up your buying power and snag a stellar gift.

Arrange your accommodations so you aren’t scrambling the day off. You can bet the bridesmaids will have their rooms booked, so be sure to do the same for yourself.

The bride and groom might ask the venue questions and have concerns with the menu and other nuances while planning their wedding. Help out wherever you can! It’s okay if you’re unsure, but the bride and groom will definitely appreciate the extra hand to make their day go as smoothly as possible. With so many things running their mind, it’s nice for you to show your support.

Once everything is planned, go out, enjoy yourself, and celebrate your newly married friends!


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The Guide to Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Paul Spano

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