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Paul Spano

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Tired of the same old holiday party? Sure, the venue is glamourous and the food is mind-blowing, but aside from that, there’s something missing to take your party to the next level. 

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Get creative with entertainment ideas sure to wow your guests. Out of the box fun will leave them talking about this holiday party for months to come.

Aerial and Acrobatic Performers

If you’re looking for a unique idea that takes on new heights, these performers are your answer. Whether it’s a full aerial performance or acrobatic performers weaved into the event, guests will be amazed by the stunts they perform. 

Consider themed greeters, strolling tables, and similar aspects that tie into the event theme. Hire an entertainment troupe to perform athletic feats sure to leave you and party guests spellbound. Ask your venue if they have rigging points for the performers and their policies on performers of this type.

Bartenders with Style

Not that bars are boring, but it’s always the same old scene. You order a drink, it’s mixed, and you leave the bar. Change up the same routine and hire bartenders with flair. These bartenders mix drinks with style in ways you didn’t know possible. Not only is it a good conversation starter, it gives you something to watch as you wait for your mojito.

Tech Sketch Artists

In today’s technology-driven world, iPad sketch artists and caricaturists are unique and fun. Getting people laughing together is a great bonding experience, and the technological twist brings this routine into the future.

Ample mobility makes it easy for artists to move through the crowd and catch different guests, instead of remaining at the same station the entire night. Guests can print a copy, email it to themselves—even post it to social media if they’re particularly proud of your caricature.

LED Lights and Robots

Technology takes the lead yet again with gadgets from the future. LED performances are a very real option for events today, extending past the reach of music festivals and night clubs. An LED dance show brings in high-energy entertainment, which can be combined with other factors like dance groups and company logos.

LED robots can dance with the crowd or remain as a prop. Programmable lights and colour displays make for a perfect selfie opportunity and are hugely entertaining to watch. Whatever LED option you choose, it’s going to get people talking.


Comic relief is always welcome at an event, and a good stand-up routine lightens up the event with laughter that’ll echo throughout the venue. See if the comedian can even tie a few company jokes into the routine for material that everyone in the crowd can enjoy.

From high-energy improv to clean, corporate jokes, you can choose a specific type of comedy that matches the event you’re hosting.

Professional Dancers

Wow the crowd with skilled dancers and a professionally choreographed dance. Choose from a variety of options: ballroom dancers, a hula group, a hip hop troupe, jazz performance, or salsa dancers.

Consider picking a group that fits with the event theme to really dazzle the guests. Tying into your holiday theme will bring the show and atmosphere together cohesively. This classic form of true entertainment never fails to awe a crowd. Ask the group to stick around post-performance to teach guests a few moves.

Magicians and Mentalists

Another classic form of entertainment is the magician. Even so, the simplicity of magic tricks continues to amaze holiday party attendees. Consider a magician who works in small groups in the crowd to get intimate with guests, instead of a large show for the entire crowd. Have the magician pull guests into the show—it’s always fun to see friends and colleagues in on the action.

Mentalists leave people thinking, “Just how did he do that?” It’s another great conversation piece in addition to entertainment.

Guests aren’t likely to forget your holiday party with any of the above options.

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Corporate Event

Paul Spano

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