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Edgardo Spano


A common misconception in wedding planning is that grooms usually take the back seat and let the brides do all the work. While there is some truth to the notion that the ladies take on a much larger role in the process, the gentlemen are not as indifferent as popular culture would have you believe.

For the grooms out there, here are nine ways for you to actually take charge and run the show that is your wedding.

1. Perfect the 20 Percent

There’s an 80/20 rule in wedding planning where 80 percent of your expenses come from 20 percent of your decisions. The goal here is to work with your partner to perfect the 20 percent part of the equation. The three main things that you have to decide on are the guest list, date, and menu. How much or how little you’re going to spend for the wedding is determined by these things.

2. Assemble Your Squad

Much like the Avengers (or Justice League if you’re more of a DC Comics fan), you have to assemble the best people you know in your life. The best man and groomsmen should be your close friends or guys from your immediate family or fiancée’s. After all, they will have the honor of standing by your side as you say your vows.

3. Curate the Playlist

Music is a good way to set the mood for your wedding. DJs can quickly switch from one song to another depending on your musical tastes as a couple. If a wedding DJ isn’t your thing, you can always go with a band. Whichever one you prefer, don’t forget to give a list of songs that you would want to be played on your special day.

4. Set Up Your Registry

What you want to avoid with your wedding gifts is receiving two or more of the same thing. That’s where the beauty of the registry comes in—you already decide what kind of presents you would want to receive. It’s simple to set up but is often overlooked. This is also your chance to show your fiancée that you know what she wants.

5. Fit Your Suit

It’s always the bride in her gown who steals the show at any wedding, but that doesn’t mean you, the groom, should slack off. Have your suit tailored and fitted weeks before your set date. If you can, carve out a time to go to the gym as well. Remember, you will be photographed here as much as your fiancée.

6. Take Care of the Legal Matters

The burden of dealing with the legal requirements after any marriage usually falls on the woman, especially if she plans to change her surname. Doing nitty-gritty research work on her behalf will surely be met with open arms. She may need to update her government IDs and personal information in bank accounts, among others.

7. Write Your Vows

Vows are arguably the highlight of any wedding. This is the part where you profess your love and devotion to your soon-to-be wife. No pressure but vows are kind of a big deal, and you can’t expect your fiancée (or someone else for that matter) to write it for you. If you’re done, practice them over and over again.

8. Plan the Honeymoon

Planning the honeymoon definitely falls on the groom. Book your flights and rooms in advance. Want to build anticipation? Don’t tell your fiancée any of the plans you’ve made, but make sure to cater to her hobbies and interests. Honeymoons are also easier to plan than the actual wedding since you only have to worry about yourself and your partner.

9. Spoil Your Groomsmen

It has become a custom for the groom to buy gifts for his best man and groomsmen as a gesture of gratitude for their presence. What you give is solely up to you. Knowing your entourage on a personal level is the best way to figure out the best gift for them. Your presents can either be sentimental or have some practical value.

A wedding involves two people, and so should planning for it. Tradition is changing, and men are more open now to be more involved in their weddings. You know you secretly enjoy doing it!

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Edgardo Spano

Ed has always been drawn to taking on challenges and basks in the opportunity to be creative and visionary. From its inception, Ed has been a part of Seventh Heaven Event Catering. On paper, he oversees all the marketing, social media and sales of the business and is a Senior Catering Consultant for larger events, but what he does is so much more than that. Ed is the mastermind behind bringing together flawless presentations under tight deadlines. His motto is, “Anything is possible!” and he loves to be the one to make it happen at each new event. With the keenest eye for detail, Ed specializes in ensuring that each aspect is considered in every unique layout while bringing each one to life. He prides himself on being at the forefront of innovations for creative food presentation and is responsible for keeping Seventh Heaven on the cutting edge. For Ed, the best part of his job is a satisfied client, making them look good at their event and properly representing them to their clients. If Seventh Heaven can elevate their clients’ social or corporate presence in the market, he considers it a job well done.
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