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Edgardo Spano

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Decorating a venue isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While empty venues are great for event planners that love to make a space their own, sometimes you want to rent a space with décor built in.

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If decorating is the last thing you want to do, there are plenty of event venues that are out-of-the-box ready for your event. This is how you find a venue that speaks for itself.

The Venue Itself

When hunting around for that eye-catching venue, think about what makes it special. Gallery exhibits and historical buildings are often places that say enough on their own without decorations. Holding an event reception in a cellar lines with wine bottles, for example, doesn’t require more aisle decoration. A formal reception in a giant library lets the books do the talking. Marble columns in an open hall don’t require other distractions.

What is the layout like? When you select a venue that speaks for itself, it should tie into the look and feel in terms of furniture arrangement. It’s purposely established so you don’t have to add much else on top. Natural light-filled rooms with beautiful floors, combined with the right spacing requirements are sometimes all a venue needs. The tone of a space that doesn’t require more decoration has enough of its own features, so much so that any extra on top would simply dampen the vibe.

Impactful Details

Select a venue that has bold details sure to make a statement. These standout marks uniquely define the mood and leave a mark on its guests, without the necessity of additional pieces. If you choose a garden wedding, decorations already included might be planted tall hedges, fountains, and statue arches.

A stunning fireplace with rich wood interiors in a historical building is a detail that doesn’t need much else around it. Spaces with particular washes and colours are eye popping enough that to add more would simply ruin the effect. Maybe it’s a sleek atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows or an open hall with a magnificent glass chandelier. From brick interiors to a wraparound bar to an urban rooftop surrounded in well-placed foliage and furniture, these are statement pieces that create an ambiance for your guests.

Barrel vaulted ceilings and contemporary furniture speak volumes about the space on their own. A dynamic venue has the picture-perfect backdrop for you to forget about needing those small items, like portable lanterns or twinkling lights.

The Overall Ambience

The vibe and tone you’re setting for your event should be clear in the location. It is romantic, glam, rustic chic? You’ll minimize the amount of decoration needed when you pick a venue with this ambience already set in.

While some people like a blank slate, it’s not for everybody. Picking a venue that has your vibe in mind is a great alternative. Look for one with picture details and features, such as an exterior patio for an outdoor function or a renovated carriage house for a rustic barnyard wedding. Select a venue with minimal decoration needed to already fit your desired aesthetic. The location should suit your chosen style.

What does it offer in terms of mood that fits with your dream ambience? This kind of mindset will see that you get what you want. If you’re going for a Parisian-inspired theme, consider a venue that already has Parisian details and influence. If it’s a modern wedding, the venue might incorporate elements of glass, marble and steel. Botanical gardens are all you need to match the greenhouse fantasy wedding.

Keep these tips in mind when venue-hunting and save yourself the trouble and headache of determining what else to add.

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Corporate Event

Edgardo Spano

Ed has always been drawn to taking on challenges and basks in the opportunity to be creative and visionary. From its inception, Ed has been a part of Seventh Heaven Event Catering. On paper, he oversees all the marketing, social media and sales of the business and is a Senior Catering Consultant for larger events, but what he does is so much more than that. Ed is the mastermind behind bringing together flawless presentations under tight deadlines. His motto is, “Anything is possible!” and he loves to be the one to make it happen at each new event. With the keenest eye for detail, Ed specializes in ensuring that each aspect is considered in every unique layout while bringing each one to life. He prides himself on being at the forefront of innovations for creative food presentation and is responsible for keeping Seventh Heaven on the cutting edge. For Ed, the best part of his job is a satisfied client, making them look good at their event and properly representing them to their clients. If Seventh Heaven can elevate their clients’ social or corporate presence in the market, he considers it a job well done.
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