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Edgardo Spano

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You’ve had your heart set on a rustic, country-inspired wedding for some time. So, what better place to get married than in a real barn? Wedding barn venues have been popping up all across North America, and some of the very best are located right here in the GTA.

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If you’re planning to book a barn as your wedding venue, however, you’ll want to run through this checklist to make sure the venue has everything you’ll need. There are many venues out there, but some of them won’t make the cut. This list will help you find the perfect one for you.

The Wedding Barn Is Set up for Weddings

You might be surprised by this one, but make sure any venue advertised as a wedding barn is actually set up for weddings. While some people might be just as happy holding their reception in an actual barn, this can cause some issues.

One may be that the facility doesn’t have the right amenities, which can leave you, your vendors, and your guests at a bit of a loss. Finally, if the barn has been used to house animals or farm produce, it may not meet sanitation standards.

You’ll also want to check that any venue advertising itself as a “wedding barn” was once a barn or, at least, is shaped like one. Look for historic buildings that have been retrofitted and converted for new uses.

There Are Facilities for Your Vendors

Does the wedding barn you’re considering have power so your DJ can play all the hits? What about lighting for people making speeches?

Your caterer will also want to ask about the on-site facilities. Depending on your menu, they may need a work area or prep station.

The Barn Is Accessible and Provides Restrooms

The most rustic thing to have at a wedding might be an outhouse, but it’s unlikely you and your guests will be truly impressed if you arrive at the wedding barn and find this is the case.

Make sure there are washrooms available for your guests. Check them out when you visit the site prior to booking.

You should also make sure those washrooms, along with the rest of the venue, are accessible. You may be aware of a guest who has accessibility needs, but you also never know what might happen before your wedding and who might be on crutches or in a wheelchair.

There’s Enough Space

This is a rule of thumb you should follow with any venue, wedding barn or otherwise. Always make sure there’s going to be enough space. If the venue holds a maximum of 250 people for a cocktail reception, it will likely feel a little crowded. There’s no way you’ll cram in 250 guests for a banquet-style service.

Your venue should be able to easily accommodate the number of guests you plan to have. If not, you might want to look for another venue or trim the guest list.

You Can Decorate the Way You Want

Be sure to check with the venue that you’re allowed to decorate as you see fit. Some venues will have a wide-open policy, provided you don’t alter anything permanently or leave damage. Others will be more restrictive.

There’s Space for Photos

One important part of the big day is the photography. You want to have memories of every magical moment. You’ll want to check that the wedding barn venue you book has somewhere for you to take those photos.

If you can tick all the boxes on this checklist, you’ve probably found the best wedding barn venue around. Book it soon, and get on with the rest of your wedding planning.


Edgardo Spano

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