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Paul Spano

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time—yet that isn’t the only thing you’re doing before the big day. You’ll be the guest at a few other wedding-related soirees for your upcoming nuptials. With this pre-wedding timeline, you’ll have no problem managing your calendar and staying on track with all the parties you have to attend.

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The Engagement Party

More and more couples are choosing to throw engagement parties as a kick-off before any serious wedding planning begins. It’s a great way to share the big news, bring close friends and family together, and casually chat about the upcoming wedding. 

This party is scheduled shortly after the proposal, ranging from one to two months after, giving everyone enough notice to attend. There’s no real rule about who throws it—it could be the bride’s parents or the maid of honour.

The Bridal Shower

This party is a day for the girls. The bridal party is always thrown by the maid of honour and the bridesmaids, occurring anywhere from one to two months before the wedding. It’s a chance to mingle, play games, and enjoy food and drinks. Invitations should be sent a month before the shower, stating the location, time, and other notices, such as a surprise or special theme. The invitations also list gift preferences or include a link directing guests to a bridal registry. 

In terms of formality, it’s up to the bride and bridal party to throw a shower as dressy or as casual as they like. A recent trend involves surprising the bride with a special appearance by the groom at the very end of the party. 

The bridal shower is a busy day with much to do. The bridal party can make it easier on themselves in a few ways: Here are three reasons to cater your bridal shower.

The Bachelorette Party

This girls’ get-together brings together the bride, her bridal party, and a few other special guests, such as very close family members—some brides invite their mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law, and a few close friends who aren’t in the party.

The maid of honour has several responsibilities. Planning this party is one of them. The bachelorette is often held a month before the wedding and can include a variety of activities. Girls’ weekends in Montreal, wine tours in Niagara, and high tea in the city are just a few trendy options brides and bridesmaids can look forward to. Whatever is planned, it’s a time for the girls to go out and have fun.

The Bachelor Party

The infamous bachelor party takes many forms, from a night of fancy steak dinners to a weekend away. Unlike the bachelorette, the bachelor party is sometimes held a week or two before the wedding. The best man is responsible for organizing it, while the groomsmen assist with planning. Along with the groomsmen, other potential invitees include male siblings from both the bride and groom’s family.

It’s not a bad idea to schedule the bachelor party earlier than a week or two before the wedding. This way, you can guarantee it won’t impede on other last-minute wedding plans.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a rehearsal dinner is easy. This dinner, sometimes referred to as the “welcome” dinner, is one final meal before the main act. It’s traditionally thrown by the groom’s family the night before the wedding, and the guest list is limited to the wedding party and immediate family.

Rehearsal dinners are casual laidback affairs, consisting of an intimate dinner and drinks with toasts. It allows everyone to prepare for the big day. If the night before isn’t possible, two or three days before works. Anything earlier, and the party might forget their roles. It’s best to keep the rehearsal fresh in everyone’s mind.

You’ll have no problem scheduling these pre-wedding events with these tips in mind.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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