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Edgardo Spano

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In case you’ve been unaware of the wedding scene lately, barn weddings are all the rage, and have been for quite some time. As this popular wedding trend shows no signs of slowing down, we thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss a few of the reasons why we love barn weddings.

From wild and whimsical to casual and carefree, the sky really is the limit on the direction in which you can take your barn wedding.

Without further delay, here are just some of the reasons why we love barn weddings right now:

1. They’re Fun

Weddings are already fun—what more could you ask for than celebrating with good friends and family over great food and drinks? Barn weddings, however, usually take wedding fun to the next level.

There aren’t too many wedding settings where you can have outdoor games for your guests to enjoy, like bean bag toss, ladder ball, bocce, can jam or whatever other games you like to play during the summer.

2. They Can be Casual or Fancy

We tend to think of barns as casual rustic settings, but when you look at many wedding venues these days, they’re more like something out of a fairy tale. This gives you more versatility and range as to how formal or fancy you want your own barn wedding to be. 

If you want to do something really casual and laid back there’s a setting for that, but if you want to go really country chic or make your fairytale dreams some true, there’s a dream barn setting for that as well!

3. There’s Lots of Room for DIY

Years ago, planning a wedding usually meant hiring someone else to do all the work. These days, modern couples are rolling up their sleeves and putting in some time and effort in order to pull off the perfect day.

The rustic country setting that usually goes along with many barn venues gives couples the perfect opportunity to practice their DIY skills which can be used to create their own decorations, wedding favours, centrepieces, signs and more. One look at DIY barn weddings on Pinterest will have your imagination running wild.

4. It’s an Easy Wedding Theme

Weddings really are as complicated as you want to make them, and if you’re looking to keep things simple for your big day, a barn wedding can be just the solution you’re looking for.

Most barn venues are already beautiful on their own and often have twinkle lights set up for every event. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on decorations to make things look good.

5. They Let You Show off Your Playful Side

As we mentioned earlier, barn weddings are all about fun, which lets the happy couple really show off their playful side. 

There are many ways to do this from the decor (who needs fancy chair covers when you can throw some quilts over bales of hay?), to the food (think whole roast pig, sticky BBQ ribs or an assorted pie display for dessert) to the entertainment (hire your favourite local band to play at your own wedding!)

6. There are Lots of Venues in the GTA

When barn weddings were just starting to gain popularity there were fewer venues available and sometimes couples had to travel pretty far to find one that suited their needs.

Thankfully with growing popularity has come an increase in both new barns and converted historic venues that offer couples the perfect barn wedding setting within easy reach from the GTA. Check out the Rainbow Valley Wedding Barn or Cambium Farms if you’re on the hunt for the perfect barn venue.

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Edgardo Spano

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