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Gino Spano

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We Canadians love to enjoy the precious summer months and we know how to make the most of it (no matter how fleeting the season may seem.) It’s no wonder that summer is synonymous with weddings in Canada as couples look to capitalize on the sunshine and celebrate their big day outdoors.

With the popularity of outdoor weddings, it’s important to think about the right outdoor catering options. The summer season also gives you a chance to make use of some fun outdoor catering themes and foods that celebrate everything you love most about an outdoor celebration.

Here are four fun outdoor catering options to consider for your outdoor wedding.

1. Barbecue

What’s the one thing people think of most when you mention outdoor catering? Barbecue! It’s also a great option for your outdoor wedding as the sights, sounds, and smells of the grill will tantalize your guests’ taste buds.

You may be thinking that a barbecue would be a little too casual for an outdoor wedding but its versatility makes it suitable for anything from elegant weddings with formal dinners to more laidback rustic style weddings.

Imagine your guests dining on a rotisserie-grilled leg of lamb, juicy steaks or smoky barbecued chicken and ribs. Grilled veggie skewers are tasty and satisfying for vegetarian guests, as well! This is one outdoor wedding catering option that will ensure your guests leave the party full and satisfied.

2. Picnic Baskets

Here’s a particularly fun outdoor catering idea for your wedding: picnic baskets! There’s always that in-between time after the wedding ceremony and before dinnertime, and typically this is when the wedding party ducks out to take photos, leaving the guests to entertain themselves. 

One way to surprise and delight your guests during this time is to include a picnic basket at each table and fill it with all sorts of delicious nibbles like artisanal meats, cheeses, olives, crackers dips and spreads. Your guests will get a kick out of opening the baskets and exploring the delights within while you and your wedding party can take the time you need to get some photos.

Picnic baskets are also a great way to show off some of the local foods produced around the area so include a list of what everything is and where your guests can find them for themselves.

3. Salads, Salads and more Salads

Whoever said “you don’t make friends with salad” obviously hasn’t had the right kind of salad. This favourite summer time barbecue side is a great catering idea for your outdoor wedding as so many salads can get away with minimum refrigeration, and are fresh and light.

Having a big spread of beautiful, colourful salads at your wedding not only looks amazing, but is a great idea with so many people eating more health-conscious diets. When the temperatures start to soar, your guests will love having some fresh, flavourful salad options, using all the best produce the season has to offer.

4. Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor catering doesn’t necessarily mean that your wedding food is actually cooked outdoors…but it can.

There are a few great ways to capitalize on the outdoor catering experience and give your guests a bit of a culinary show. One of these ways is hiring a mobile clay pizza oven. Everyone loves pizza and a thin crust, wood fired pie is something that will have your guests swooning. It’s a great option for pre-dinner nibbles, can be included in the main meal service, or used as the late-night snack option. Who doesn’t love pizza when the drinks are flowing?

Another outdoor cooking option is a good old fashion spit roast or pig roast. There’s nothing that will get your guests salivating more than the smell of pork roasting on the spit. With the popularity of rustic-themed barn weddings, a spit roast can be easily incorporated into an outdoor wedding setting.

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Gino Spano

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