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Paul Spano

A winter wedding is a beautiful idea. There are so many unique ways to spruce up a venue, ceremony, and reception while incorporating the many facets of winter or extending far beyond the chilly season.

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Here are seven winter wedding decoration ideas to inspire your upcoming wedding.

1. Seasonal Greens

Ferns, twigs, leaves, pine, evergreen, seasonal fruits—the list goes on. Incorporating seasonal greenery magnifies the warm, inviting atmosphere of any wedding design. Fern-inspired wedding décor ideas, in particular, are popular elements to include.

Bunch varying materials together in a thoughtful display, using it to set the scene across food tables and wedding centerpieces, or as decorative chair backs.

2. Chair Décor

Give guests’ seats a luxe treatment in these cold months. With so many fabrics available to choose from, it’s easy to create an instant cozy vibe that seamlessly fits the other décor and the overall wedding theme.

Ribbons, dainty wreaths, and glitter cutouts are special touches that add to the atmosphere. Hang “Mr. and Mrs.” signs on the bride and groom’s chairs; attach a sprig of fur; ortie lush velvet bows to the back.

3. Frozen Flowers

Traditional ice sculptures canreceive a sophisticated makeover courtesy of frozen flowers, which add a crisp effect to the reception landscape. It’s a show-stopping feature that can be used on its own in an extravagant floral arrangement or as an intimate detail, such as petals in ice cubes or frozen champagne holders for refreshing bubbly. This elegant, colourful idea is an unexpected decoration.

4. Calligraphy

The best part about calligraphy is that it isn’t limited to one aspect of the wedding, such as the traditional invitation. Choose a script that speaks to the both of you to add instant poise to otherwise unexciting parts of the wedding.

Write everyone’s name in a unique script and use it to personalize wine glasses that can double as table placeholders. Impose it on signage in the wedding, allowing it to direct guests within the venue, announce the menu, and display the wedding favours. Decorate it on a fondant cake or make it a sleek table number. Calligraphy is a timeless, graceful touch that can be added in so many ways.

5. Rustic Details

Pine cones, tree slices, and cedar create woodland vibes that fit right into place .Use these materials for simple place card holders or as centerpiece displays.

Introduce winter foliage for an aromatic element. Cinnamon, twine, and winter berries make for great impromptu and organic napkin ring holders. Cedar planks of varying sizes are perfect as candle holders, food trays, and centerpieces. Polished details mesh well with the rustic feel to create a charming statement.

6. Geode Crystal Lanterns

Choose to purchase these luminary wonders or make them yourself. Line geode crystal lanterns on tables as part of the centerpiece or let them light the way down the aisle. Use varying sizes for added height and dimension. This touch of soft white glow is incredibly versatile in any winter wedding.

7. Simple Candles, Romantic Lighting

Warm up the winter ambience with candles and low lighting. Fit pillar candles—a romantic option—into a variety of holders. Mix and match candle sizes for whimsical flair. Add mason jars, lanterns, and glass holders of varying shapes. Glowing candlelight gives the illusion of a warm winter night and intimate vibe, despite the chilling temperatures outside.

Looking for more inspiration? There are many Pinterest accounts to inspire your winter wedding decoration ideas.

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