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Gino Spano

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The date is set. Maybe you even have a theme picked out, and your guests are already starting to RSVP to the invites. You’re keeping the holiday party simple this year by hosting it in your own office space. It will be a low-key, feel-good sort of event that everyone can easily attend.

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In the past, you’ve booked a separate venue, and you’ve hosted fancy dinners. You’ve decided to have your office event catered because you want this to be stress-free for your employees. They’re busy enough without worrying about a potluck. Now you know it’s time to book the catering, which means you need some holiday party menu ideas for the office.

What kinds of food should you serve?

Your caterer will likely have a few suggestions, but some of the go-tos are finger foods, bite-sized entrees, and easy appetizers. Desserts are also popular, especially if you’re not planning to serve a full meal. Here are some caterers’ favourite holiday party menu ideas for the office to get you started on designing your own.

Finger Foods Are One of the Most Popular Holiday Party Menu Ideas for the Office

When you’re planning your holiday party menu for the office, you’ll likely want to take a quick survey of the facilities you have available. Do you have a kitchen with an oven or microwave to heat up warm dishes, or a fridge where you can store foods that need to be kept cold?

You might want to take a look at the area you have available for preparation, as well as serving areas. Don’t forget to consider the clean-up too. Will you need dishes or silverware?

Finger foods are one of the most popular holiday party menu ideas for the office for this reason. You often don’t need much more than napkins and paper plates, and they’re fun to eat.

Consider bite-sized sandwiches, and veggie and fruit trays. If you have the facilities to heat up food or your caterer can provide warming dishes, consider classics like pigs-in-a-blanket, or go for a more international flavour with samosas.

Snacks and Salads

If you’re not planning to serve a sit-down meal, then consider snack trays and platters for your office party. A salad bar is another great option. Salads are easy to serve, and they don’t require much prep or heating at the time of serving.

Consider Dessert Stations for Office Parties

Sweets are another thing you’ll want to consider among holiday party menu ideas for the office. They’re especially popular if you’re having an afternoon party and not serving a full meal.

Consider seasonal treats such as gingerbread and shortbread cookies. Hot chocolate, candy canes, and other seasonal sweets might also be good choices. If you have the space, consider setting up some dessert stations, where employees can sample different treats.

Try a Holiday Brunch

Another alternative on the list of holiday party menu ideas for the office is having a brunch. Rather than serving lunch or afternoon snacks, consider getting everyone together in the morning for some breakfast fare.

You can use the season to inspire the menu here. Think about turkey links or turkey bacon. Cranberries and citrus fruits are also popular options.

Serve a Lighter Version of the Traditional Holiday Meal

Some people want to stick with the tried-and-true. If you’re planning to have a luncheon, why not opt for the traditional holiday dinner, with almost all of the trimmings?

You might want to scale a turkey dinner down for lunch. Skip the mashed potatoes and serve sweet potato slices instead. You can also think about revamping the meal for the office. Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries? Sounds like a great idea.

Talk to your caterer about the options you have for catering your holiday party at the office. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but remember to work with what you have available at your workplace.

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Gino Spano

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