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Gino Spano

It’s almost time for the holiday party. You’ve been busy planning for the last few weeks. You’ve researched venues and finally booked one. You’ve booked the entertainment and thought about door prizes, contests, and games. You’re busy trying to get co-workers to RSVP, and you’re trying to decide on decorations.

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You’re also in the middle of planning the menu with your caterer. You’ve already decided there will be bar service this year, and you want to impress your guests by offering a selection of delicious holiday party cocktails.

If you’re at a loss as to which cocktails to include, why not try out a few of these selections? Your co-workers are bound to love them.

Try a Twist on Classics for Your Holiday Party Cocktails

Some people will want to branch out and try completely new concoctions. That’s okay, but why stray too far from the tried-and-true?

One great example is a twist on the classic French 75. Dubbed the “Winter White 75,” this cocktail keeps the mixture of champagne and gin, while swapping in white cranberry juice for a delightful holiday twist. Add a sprig of rosemary or cranberry to top it off.

Another option would be the hot toddy. Take your alcohol of choice, be it rum or whiskey, and add honey, lemon juice, and a splash of water. An orange peel or citrus zest can dress up the drink. A splash of apple cider can give it another aromatic holiday twist.

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

If you want to get more creative with your holiday party cocktails, why not try out some deliciously sweet options?

Specialty coffees, like the B-52 and Irish coffee, are almost always great options. Why not try out hot chocolate or a candy-cane flavoured cocktail to appease those who have a sweet tooth?

Cranberry, mint, and chocolate are all popular holiday flavours, and cocktails infused with these tastes are sure to be a hit.

Get Creative with Egg Nog

Not everyone loves egg nog, so be sure to include more options. That said, some people feel a holiday party isn’t really a holiday party without this classic drink.

Some twists include the Mexican Eggnog, which blends the flavours of Mexican hot chocolate and the holiday favourite.

Reinvent the Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is another classic drink that makes a perfect base for holiday party cocktails. Try a reimagined version, such as the apple cranberry mule or one that incorporates cinnamon into the spice profile.

Citrus is another angle to try for an inspired reimagining of this cocktail.

Apple Cider and Mulled Wine

While not strictly cocktails, you might want to serve your guests apple cider with a splash of alcohol or a wintertime favourite like mulled wine. For another great wine option, try an inspired winter sangria. Although sangria is more of a summer drink, flavours like apple, cranberry, and cinnamon can bring it to life for your holiday party cocktail menu.

Think about mulled ciders and slow-cooked ciders as well. Don’t be afraid to venture away from the classic apple concoction. Pear cider can be a delightful treat to add to the cocktail list.

Spiced Martinis Round out the Menu

Spice is another staple in holiday cooking. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg are all popular flavours, and you can try adding them to martinis for a unique flavour profile. You might try one called a Spiced Sapphire or a Sugar & Spice.

Talk to your caterer about holiday party cocktails, and discuss with them what will work with the other items on your menu. ‘Tis the season to be inspired, and there are many great options out there.


Gino Spano

Starting with roots in a kitchen at 14 years old, he worked his way up the ranks and by the young age of 17 was responsible for daily events of 50 to 600 people. Gino continued to use his talents to work in catering, banquet and restaurant kitchens across the GTA. His love for Italian, French and Asian cuisine paired with his wide variety of knowledge brought him success in his new venture at Seventh Heaven in 2001. Over the past 12 years, he has cooked many meals for social events, corporate events and government officials. His love for new challenges brought him into corporate sales where he and the Seventh Heaven team won Best Catered Event for Canadian Linen’s “The Great White North” – Facility Grand Opening in 2009.
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