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Paul Spano

It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning the corporate holiday party. If you’ve been assigned the daunting task of planning the party, or you have a team with you to help, don’t fret—there are plenty of ideas to make this year’s corporate holiday party even better than the last.

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Impress your guests with the five tips below.

1. Old Hollywood Holidays

Those old black-and-white holiday movies are the perfect backdrop for a corporate holiday party. It’s a theme that brings feelings of nostalgia. It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge, and Miracle on 34th Street are beloved by many and are sure to leave everyone feeling the holiday cheer.

Serve classic Christmas dishes, such as oven-roasted chicken and vegetables, along with a grand dessert to round out the evening. Offer classic cocktails and drinks, from gin and bourbon to martinis. Consider playing movies—or at least their soundtracks, in the background throughout the evening. If you’re not big on decorating, it can be easy to find a venue with this style already included. It’s all in the details in this black tie-styled event, so why not celebrate Hollywood’s holiday golden age for this year’s party?

2. Lights

Lights are a classy way to add some sparkle to any corporate holiday party. Drape them across the venue, include them in table centerpieces, and make it all come together for a dreamy, holiday vibe. Lanterns, candles, string lights, and stars are just a few of the many possibilities that work here.

Lights are easy to incorporate alongside other decorative elements, such as silver and gold accessories, without limiting you to any one specific theme. Sync them as a lightshow throughout the party for a special touch, and dim the lights throughout the evening to set the mood for guests.

3. Ring in the Season

Impress your guests with inspirational catering ideas that incorporate the innovative flavours of the season within the party. Mix fun varieties alongside classic seasonal drinks. Serve a winter mulled sangria, filled with cranberries and mulling spices for a warm, fruity delight. Guests can enjoy hot gold apple cider alongside eggnog.

Serve decorated sugar cookies at dessert, after enjoying turkey, stuffing, and other traditional Christmas dishes. This provides a gentle reminder of the holiday family feeling—sure to get everyone in the spirit.

4. Winter Wonderland

The theme may seem traditional, but that doesn’t mean every aspect included in it has to be. It’s easy to do, with limitless possibilities. Bring in the snow, white, and lights for a calm world of glistening white tables, glassware, and décor.

It’s an elegant escape from the busy season. Add aspects of silver and white into the décor, from the linens to sparkly snowflakes. A winter wonderland can be complemented by many colours, without being constrained by specific menu features, displays, attire, and music.

5. Christmas around the World

Why not let guests experience a little bit of everything with a corporate holiday party that celebrates the many cultures and traditions of the holidays worldwide? With Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah all occurring at the same time of year, celebrate traditions as diverse and unique as the people you work with. From the décor to the playlist to the menu, this unique idea adds a fun element to your party that many normally wouldn’t celebrate.

Talk to the caterers about how to add different culinary aspects into the menu, from the appetizers to the entrees. You could also consider having food stations that offer a wide menu with more options. Play holiday music from all over the world and decorate a seemingly plain venue with the many cultural traditions of the season.

With these themes as inspiration, guests will be counting down the days until the holiday party.

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Corporate Event

Paul Spano

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