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Paul Spano

Rustic weddings evoke feelings of down-home vibes, a laidback energy, and an expectation of homemade gifts. Show friends and family your love and appreciation by sending them home with any of these seven country wedding favours.

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1. Popcorn

Nothing tastes as good as freshly popped kettle corn. This carnival snack is perfect for rustic weddings, and it comes in tons of different flavours. Delight guests and offer a few favourite varieties, such as butter, caramel, and maple. You could present them in pre-packed bags, use mason jars, or set up the snack as a take-home station, where guests can help themselves. 

If you like the idea of popcorn but would prefer guests pop it at home, fill the jars with kernels and instructions. The rest is up to them.

2. Mason Jar Treats

Consider this idea a two-in-one gift: Guests get a homey container and a snack for the way home. Mason jars are popular country wedding decorations that can hold anything you want. 

Fill them with miniature cakes, such as strawberry shortcake or tiramisu, for a delectable late-night bite. Send your guests home with a jar packed with the ingredients of your favourite recipe. Fill jars with your favourite candies, whether it’s sour gummies or bonbons. The possibilities are endless.

3. Brown Bagged Goodies

Homemade fudge, two-bite brownies, and Nanaimo bars are a few tasty options sure to satisfy any guest’s sweet tooth. For a truly country wedding favour, decorate bags with doilies and ribbons and seal them using clothespins. You can create an adorable little take-home bag that’s easy to put together with a scrumptious surprise inside.

4. Homemade Jam

Jars of homemade jam go hand in hand with rustic weddings. Choose flavours from a local shop and personalize jars with guests’ name for a delicious condiment they can enjoy whenever they want. You can pick your favourite jam or choose a seasonal fruit for guests to enjoy. Complete the look of this favour by fitting each jar with a colourful gingham cloth and twine.

5. Potted Plants

Breathe fresh air into your rustic venue space with small potted plants guests can take home. Tree saplings, lavender, herbs, and succulents are popular options. This favour ties in perfectly with your rustic wedding theme, and you can be sure it’ll match the rest of the décor. If you want to get more out of this favour, have the plants double as table centerpieces. These five fern-inspired décor ideas are sure to inspire.

6. Wood-Inspired Candles

Rustic weddings often have a woodsy, green smell to them. Scents reminiscent of fresh air and the countryside are genuinely captured in a candle; not to mention, this is an item that’s sure to get used after the wedding.

Offer guests small teacup candles or ones that are slightly larger. A range of citrus, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and campfire are agreeable aromas for most people. When guests light their candles at home, they’ll be reminded of the great day with friends and family.

7. Seed Packets

You don’t need to send guests home with an entire plant, but you can still inspire everyone’s inner green thumb by offering a packet of seeds. It can be as simple as tomatoes—a low-maintenance plant that’s easy to transfer and care for—or you can give guests seeds to one of the flowers in your floral arrangement. Choose one of your favourite herbs or pick a plant you think your guests will benefit the most from.

This down-to-earth favour truly connects your guests with nature. Fill small burlap sacks with seeds and include handwritten calligraphy notes on each package for a classy touch.

Favours that complement rustic weddings are gorgeous touches your friends and family will be sure to use and love.

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Paul Spano

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