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Paul Spano

There were plenty of show-stopping wedding decorations in 2017, but the new year has ushered in a wave of new and exciting wedding decor trends. If you’re planning your 2018 nuptials, be sure to incorporate some of these 2018 wedding decor trends.

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1. Neon

Bring an eclectic wedding vibe to the wedding with neon signs, such as neon hearts and fun wedding phrases. Use them to guide guests through the venue or as pure decoration. They’re easy to rent and they come in a variety of fun colours that really makes them pop while adding a creative element to the big day.

2. Bohemian Chic

The past year saw a lot of rustic and industrial styles, but 2018 is all about laidback chic. Bohemian and New Age styles will replace barnyard and industrial vibes as couples veer towards more relaxed planning instead of a specific theme or colour combination.

It’s about creating the mood on the big day. This new rustic is relaxed without the “down home” feel. It’s romantic with a slight edge. Look for whimsical, artistic details in multiple elements, such as centerpieces, bridesmaid jewellery, and more.

3. Black Is the New Black

A shade as dark as black might not be your first thought for a joyous occasion, but the right accents make a bold statement that will be everywhere in weddings this year. The colour palette is starting to deepen, with black popping up in an elegant and subtle way. See it among favourites, such as a gold and copper. It’s not madness. It’s a modern monochromatic twist with the right amount of drama.

4. Translucent Details

The 2018 wedding decor trends know it’s all in the details, as reemerging classic mid-century design makes transparency a necessary medium. It’s light, it’s bright, and its clean lines make it a modern design feature that’s easy to add.

Translucent details provide a dramatic, romantic element while retaining a soft touch. Gauzy, flowing curtains and sheer place cards are just a few ways to incorporate this trend into the wedding decor.

5. Big Bouquets

Floral arrangements are changing, as we see them emerge from neutral palettes to emotional, cascading bouquets. Moody florals in deep hues—falling in the burgundy, wine, lilac, and mauve spectrum—add a detailed, textured finish.

Bigger is better: Let the arrangement fall by mixing favourites in an arrange of tones for a show-stopping effect. It’s safe to say 2018 is all about the drama, as these wedding decor trends show.

6. Downsized Parties and Guest List

Oversized parties are a thing of the past, and there are some people worth cutting from your guest list. Intimate gatherings with the most important people are what matters, whether it’s done by trimming the guest list or downsizing the bridal party.

Small wedding parties are friendlier, as brides and grooms realize there’s less need for an oversized number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The new year will see more brides choosing smaller groups with a traditional single maid of honour instead of formerly big groups with multiple bridesmaids.

7. “It” Fabric: Velvet

Velvet is the fabric of the season. While it’s traditionally thought of in the winter due to its warm, lush feel, there are plenty of ways to include the fabric outside of the colder months.

Try velvet boutonnières for the groom; use it as a decoration for table linens; tie it into a bow on shoes. Velvet feels personal and cozy while evoking luxury and warmth. This textured fabric adds new flair, and it’s one of the wedding decor trends you can expect to see everywhere.


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Paul Spano

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